​Buying The Best Instant Tent This Summer!

​The beauty of camping, as well as backpacking, is breathing in fresh air and getting in touch with nature when the weather is on your side. Unfortunately, the weather is nearly never on your side, and it can easily create chaos in an instant. Although preparing with all the best camping gear is superb, you can make it all better as well as stay protected from the weather if you choose to get the best instant tent.

As the name indicates, an instant tent gets set up instantaneously. This means that you can easily have fun with the sight and the heat of the setting sun comfortably and for a few additional minutes knowing that you are actually safe from the weather conditions.

​In case you are among the group of people inquiring the reason why you would need to have an instant tent, then we'll simply suppose that you have never felt the wrath of Nature after an extensive but relaxing hike. Every single thing changes the moment the clouds and also the winds are brewing a storm, and you can not locate some parts of the tent or even find out what goes where.

With an instant tent, your possibilities in opposition to Mother Nature are high considering that you can get that comfy roof over your head in a few minutes.

Some of the best instant tents are perfectly waterproofed, so those tents will definitely keep you and your friends dry.

An instant tent will also provide you more time so as to enjoy the scene.

​4 Best Instant Tent Reviews 2018

Name Features Price Editor Rating Buy Now!
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Strong walls ​$$$ Check Price
Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Spacious, sufficient airflow $$ Check Price
FiveJoy 4-Person Instant Dome Tent Multifunctional $$ Check Price
CORE 4-Person Instant Dome Tent Durable, waterproof $ Check Price

1. Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent - ideal option - spacious, sufficient ventilation

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Review

​In case you are a passionate camper, then you've stumbled upon Coleman tents or even had the chance to utilize one or even more varieties. If you are finally on the market looking for a tent that won't take you the entire afternoon to put together, then this is your new outdoor camping partner.

Truthful to its own name, this Coleman 6-person cabin takes a little time to put together. Within 1 minute, you will be able to unwrap, extend and secure the tent.

Set up of this particular instant tent depends on pre-attached poles which enable faster and a simpler set up of the cabin. It also has upright walls with taller center heights which permit an even simpler setup.

​Due to the reliability of this particular tent and its setup process, it is undoubtedly perfect for big camping groups aiming for long or even short exciting journeys. You can easily set it up on a campground, and also you can use this for backpacking too. Its measurements are 10 x 9 ft. 6 ft. The 6ft center height makes this cabin ideal for every single height.

The material which forms the tent is 150D/150D polyester, a solid, heavy duty material which makes the tent last long. This polyester has wrapped seams as well as a weatherTec system. This weatherTec system comprises of patented welded floors along with inverted seams to assist in keeping the water outside.

Typically, six individuals hanging out in a cabin means getting into the nerves of each other. This is often bad if ventilation is poor. To assure a comfy stay in the cabin, this particular Coleman tent features an incorporated rainfly primarily for extra airflow. The very best part is that you don't require any assembly for this to work.

The cabin fits camp beds or even airbeds (two queens) easily. For managed areas, you have two storage pockets keeping most of your belongings organized. This tent packs quite easily into an expandable carry backpack along with a rip ribbon keeping it secure until your next stop or expedition.

  • Very easy to put together and pull down
  • Long lasting
  • Spacious and also comes with extra storage pockets inside
  • Enough space for 2 queen size airbeds
  • Sufficient airflow
  • Does not hold properly in harsh weather or storm
  • Isn't the strongest instant tent
  • Isn't completely water resistant

2. CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent - durable, water resistant

CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent Review

​If you are searching for a 4-person instant dome tent, then you might intend to give this 9x7 inch CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent a try. It features a pre-assembled integrated frame system that makes putting together so much easy. You just need to unpack it, unwrap the legs then extend the poles to 'click' into position. This would not require you more than a minute.

This particular dome tent is large and will accommodate 4 individuals comfortably. It fits a single queen air mattress, and the center height of 54 inches offers an adequate room.

Its design comprises the utilization of CORE H20 Block Technology along with an adjustable ground vent which prevents water infiltration. The CORE H20 Technology seals joints and tapes the rainfly completely. This feature also makes for the rain-resistant window and door seals.

This CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent also features a gear loft along with a light hook and also pockets to help keep things well-organized and away from the tent floor.

You will definitely love the electrical cord access port that which is fully closable when you aren't using it.

This particular tent incorporates a rainfly, a carry bag, and tent stakes. You can easily use this tent in all seasons thanks to its advanced venting that allows for adjustable air intake vent draws for consuming cool air from the ground. The mesh ceiling permits hot air escape.

  • Set up is easy as well as fast
  • It is lightweight & versatile
  • Ideal size for four individual
  • It is long lasting and water resistant because of the CORE H2O technology
  • The weight isn't ideal when it comes to backpacking

FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Dome Tent Review

​The FiveJoy 4 Person tent accommodates four people easily, and it is certainly perfect for casual family camping, hiking, and any outdoor festivals.

Setting up this particular tent is easy as a result of the easy pitch and fold process into the portable carrying case that includes stakes. It comes with a floor area of 80.7" x78.7", 2 entrances, 5.9" x78.7" vestibule are, a peak height of 47" and the tent peg is that of galvanized iron.

The floor material of this particular FireJoy tent is PU-coated by a water-resistant rating of 4000mm. It is a 210D Oxford fabric. The tent's fabric is PU-Coated 190T polyester along with a waterproof rating of 3000mmm. The pole material is a 7.9 mm fiberglass.

To set it up, simply eliminate the instant free-standing tent from the packaging bag then watch it pop. You don't have to fumble with the tent poles or perhaps bother with the complex instructions on use. Once you are ready to depart the site, just fold it up, pack it in and leave.

For ventilation, this tent has mesh windows upon its left and its right side. These windows have strong nylon flaps that supply cross ventilation along with personal privacy. The mesh makes sure that you enjoy the breeze while at the same time being undoubtedly safe from any weird crawlies. The double entrance doors enable the side to get completely open or even closed with the screen material. You could also seal off the door by the nylon door for complete privacy.

For storage, you get storage pockets and a hang loop keeping every little thing in order, exactly the way you want. The hanging loop is perfect for your powered loop, moreover, you can even use it to store your car keys or phone.

In order to get additional comfort, take advantage of the windows which you can easily convert into a rainfly through connection with guy lines to the loops below the window cover. You can then secure the loops to the stakes at some distance from the tent. The FiveJoy Instant 4 Person Tent comes with the guy lines as well as the stakes.

  • The seams are undoubtedly durable and the zipper sturdy
  • It is waterproof thanks to the use of a PU coated polyester
  • It is multifunctional & very easy to put together
  • It is a high-quality tent which gets the work done
  • It isn't really suitable when it comes to usage during heavy rain
  • It isn't ideal for extreme backpacking
  • It might feel too congested for four people
  • It isn't waterproof, as well as it gets moist during the night

​4. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent - ​sturdy walls

Instant Tent Review 2018

​This 8-person (7 plus 1) tent takes a few secs so as to a few minutes to put together. Set up involves unwrapping, stretching, and then securing the tent in position. It is a large tent, and it comes with a room divider making it a 2-room tent. This enhances privacy as well as ensures that you really don't get involved in each other's way.

The reason why this is one of the best instant tents on the marketplace is that it comes with poles pre-attached to the tent. This makes it achievable for you to get it all up within a few seconds.

The special Weather-Tec system comes with dense waterproof walls as well as a welded floor that makes sure that you remain dry at all times. The two doors along with the seven ventilation windows plus the removable room dividers help make the tent well-ventilated and ideal for the whole group.

The base of the tent measures 14x10ft, plus the center height is 6ft x 5 inches. The tent has a weight of 41.45 pounds.

  • It is undoubtedly easy to put up and to take down
  • It is big, waterproof and has strong walls
  • It features sufficient ventilation
  • The poles are flimsy
  • It is heavy and not ideal when it comes to backpacking
  • The tent pegs aren't too solid and cannot keep up too well in windy conditions

​Ways to Choose the Best Instant Tent


​Are you searching for an instant tent to use at the beach, at a campsite, at a festival or outside backpacking? The application determines the size, the weights, along with the season.


Is the tent suitable for more than one season? Best tents are three-seasoned and will work well in spring, summer, and fall. The ideal three-season tents have ample mesh panels that enhance airflow while also keeping out the weird insects.

Make sure that the camping tent features proper pitching in the form of a tight rainfly. The best 3-season tents can easily withstand downpours though they typically aren't the ideal selection for exposure to severe storms, snowfall, or even violent winds.

​Expert tip: the very best three-season tent should keep you completely dry when raining or perhaps in a light snow, it should provide personal privacy, and it must protect you from insects.

​Storage capacity:

​Whenever choosing an instant tent, first, choose a model according to the size of your group and the capacity the tent supports easily. The tent needs to provide extra space for your equipment as well as pets if you hiked along with them.

You may want to take into consideration that some of your companions are big-bodied, they toss and turn at night, they sleep much better with extra elbow room, they travel with their kids or pets and lastly, they might be claustrophobic.

Expert tip: When choosing a tent for a group, consider upsizing. You never know the new habit your buddy picked up since the last outdoor camping journey.


​Will the weight of the tent make it achievable for you to carry it on your back when backpacking? Don't ever restrict your mind to carrying the tent in your car.


​Look at the material used in construction to help figure out in case the tent is durable or not. Carbon fiber and also aluminum is actually much more durable. Whereas aluminum is lightweight, it is the strongest material for the tent rods.

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